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FEM in the development process


In the ideal development process, FEM calculations are continuously used to ensure the quality and optimize the product. As a contemporary example, we can mention supporting structures, which aims to be secure and stable, but also need to be optimized to save material and production time. Since the structures today are often made in 3D, it is obvious to exploit the opportunities in FEM.


FEM as verification

Although most 3D CAD systems have an embedded FEM module, it is often limited by the number of subjects, the interface between them and the details in the results. In other words, you can get a clue, but not results that are recognized by the certification bodies. As customers and authorities increasingly require verification and documentation of products, it is no longer enough to design by experience.

For such tasks, we use ANSYS, an FEM software dedicated solely for verification. Provided that the setup of the calculation model is documented, among others, Lloyds recognizes ANSYS results in their certification.

Our experience

We have long experience with both linear and non-linear calculations, setting up contacts and forces, evaluation of mesh, equilibrium equations, extraction of tension etc. We have simulated small simple structures and large assemblies with several hundred items.

For product approvals, we have prepared reports in accordance with given standards and can provide feedback on this. Among others we have made calculations on lifting beams, windmill and turbine parts, pumps, plastics etc.

What we need

Often the customer has an idea about the forces acting on the structure and perhaps it must be verified based on a given standard. Considerations about interfaces between items are assessed and usually agreed with the customer, since it has significant influence on the simulation results that are important to uncover. Based on the information available, we make an assessment of the magnitude of the task and the during the task, we make sure that all the important details clarified.