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Own Production - Plastic


As an alternative to our production in China, injection mold we are now at the factory in Aalborg. Rising production costs and exchange rates have made it more profitable, like shorter delivery time is an extra benefit. It is typically less complex technical subjects in higher quantities, but with high quality standards, which may advantageously be produced in Denmark..

Own factory


At the factory in Aalborg, we have manufactured plastic items since 2013. We use Demag, which slot is fed from Labotek Desiccant. If desired, we can incorporate color with other mixing devices. Already tool, you are welcome to inquire about it can run on our equipment. In order to offer the customer a low tool investment, we work with Chinese tool factories. Unless otherwise agreed, we use standard Chinese form boxes. Tools that will produce in Denmark, specified typically with sub-components in accordance with relevant standards such as DME, HASCO etc. Number of cavities inlet type, core / cavity steel can, of course, agreed. We have long experience with plastic items and tools and handles the job from start to finish.

Materials and colors in stock

We carry several tons of plastic granules into different categories, such as PA6, PA66, POM, LDPE, HDPE, PP, ASA, PS, PC etc. Should the plastic dyed, we also have a large selection of masterbatch colors. In addition to the stock materials, we have agreements with several suppliers of other known material trademarks, so it is possible to meet customer requirements.