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Construction from idea to product


The company is based on a solid foundation of experience in design, product and product maturing. We are engineers who are raised with integrated productdevelopment and from long experience as project managers, we find it natural to address other skillgroups' need in a development process.

We have good experience in participating early in the development process; preferably when the first ideas are discussed. The dialogue with the industrial designer, is critical for a market-oriented product, that can be realized at a reasonable price, within the timeframe.

Types of collaborations

We are part of the customer's development team in the role, or at the level desired. We sit at the customer premises to the extent needed and it is our experience that it is a good idea in some phases of the project, while in other phases it can be an advantage to work at our own address.

A project does not always run at 100% load

So of course we can adapt our commitment to the project plan, the client works with. In the case of a project that we run at our own address, it works the same way. While we for example wait for tools to be manufactured, we can use our time on other customers..


We have experience in most 3D CAD systems, but uses mostly CREO and CATIA. As the approach to 3D CAD design is the same between programs, we are quickly up and running again in, among other INVENTOR and SOLIDWORKS. We often work on the customer's PCs, but also provides own license if the customer does not have their own mechanics department. In addition to 3D, we develop naturally the requested documentation;

     • Production drawings
     • Cutting prints
     • Tolerance analysis
     • FEM